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customers of expense management network

Gastrointestinal Associates, P.C. Knoxville, TN

“Our group was referred to Expense Management Network, a company out of North Carolina. They are experts in obtaining the best prices for supplies, pharmaceuticals and some services. In the first 4 categories of invoices they reviewed, savings between 10-20% were identified. EMN then implemented the savings. Importantly, we did not have to change vendors. We expect at least $100,000 in cost savings this year alone.

We incurred no cost and essentially none of our time was required. They make their money by receiving 50% of the verified savings. In addition, they monitor to make sure that the savings are maintained and not counterbalanced by price increases elsewhere.

They are easy to work with, very knowledgeable, efficient and effective.”

Bergein F. Overholt, M.D., President


Jeff Dew, CEO, Gastrointestinal Associates-Knoxville, TN


Sharon Pearce, CRNA Carolina Anesthesia

customers of expense management network

Carolina Anesthesia Associates, P.A.Hickory, NC

“Over the past three years Expense Management Network has significantly reduced our cost of doing business which has greatly increased our profit margins.

I would highly recommend the unique cost reduction services that the experts at EMN offer. We thought we were doing a good job but EMN was able to reduce our pharmaceutical and supply cost far more that we thought was even possible.

Partnering with EMN is a “No-Brainer.” EMN provides no-obligation recommendations and their only compensation is a percentage of the actual verified savings, which means no out of pocket costs for my business.”

Jeff Caudle, President

Louie L. Patseavouras, MD

Patseavouras Center
for Plastic and Laser Surgery
Greensboro, NC

“Barry Denny, President of Expense Management Network, is one of the finest men I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him and his expense reduction company”.

Louie L. Patseavouras, MD


Louie L. Patseavouras, MD, The Patseavouras Center for Plastic and Laser Surgery

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