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Savings Process

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Savings Process Steps

1. Client Authorization

In our initial consultation we discuss our cost savings process and our shared savings agreement. Because our compensation is based on performance, if EMN finds you no savings, you owe us nothing. If we do find you savings and after you agree to our recommendations, we are compensated a percentage of the actual, verified savings.

2. Data Gathering

Our clients find our data gathering process to be extremely non-intrusive, simple and interruption-free.

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3. Detailed Analysis

Once we have your expense data we begin the cost-containment research and negotiate with your suppliers to obtain leveraged pricing immediately. We do this without sacrificing quality or service. We put to work our unique blend of clinical experience and medical procurement knowledge to provide you with unparalleled savings.

4. Recommendation Report

Next, EMN provides a free, no-obligation Saving Recommendation Report which outlines savings strategies and the amount you will save with each recommendation.

5. Approved Recommendations Implemented

After you receive the Savings Recommendation Report we will implement only the recommendations that you approve.

6. Savings Realized

EMN has identified savings for 100% of our clients. Our clients experience an average savings of 20% for each individual recommendation! Cost reduction savings are typically realized within 8-10 weeks.

7. Periodic Reviews

It is possible in the medical procurement industry to get a great price today, even with a written contract and the costs inch back up if no one is watching. EMN is watching and we provide you with a Savings Verification Report periodically to tell you that you are indeed getting proper pricing. The exciting news is that EMN continuously monitors and verifies your savings at no cost to you!

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