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9 Simple Ways Your Medical/Surgical Facility Can Reclaim Thousands of Dollars in Lost Savings. Part 5 of 9

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#5 Creating too many purchase orders

It’s not unusual to find a facility that’s placing several purchase orders per week or even per day with the same vendor. This gets very pricey when you consider that it usually costs about $100 in administrative costs to produce 1 purchase order. That’s not counting the shipping costs associated with smaller orders that do not meet the minimums for free shipping.

To reduce your number of orders, coordinate purchasing activities within the facility. You can do this by implementing a simple communication system among staff members, such as dry erase boards or logbooks, so that everyone knows which supplies everyone else needs, and how long you can wait to order them. If current orders can wait a few more days, you can then place a large order involving as many products as possible.

Example of savings: A surgery center cut its yearly volume of purchase orders by about two-thirds, from more than 1,000 to only 312, saving at least $68,000 per year.

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