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Part 7 of 9: Nine Simple Ways YOUR Medical/Surgical Facility Can Reclaim

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Invoices from linen supply companies sometimes include extra costs that you may not even notice. You may not notice this because linen supply invoices are notoriously hard to read, due to confusing codes and abbreviations. A quick call to the linen vendor will help translate the hieroglyphics into plain English.

It’s worth the time to get to know what each line item represents and exactly what you’re being billed for. In many cases, the extra charges are entirely valid under your contract, so you may have to sit down and renegotiate the contract.

Example of savings: A surgery center saved more than 37% ($26,000 per year) in linen costs by negotiating a new contract.

If you are a medical/surgical facility decision maker that spends more than $250K a year in medical supplies and would be interested in seeing how much we can save your facility at NO COST to you, please CLICK the link below that takes you to a quick form and then links you my calendar. Then, choose a time most convenient for you for your NO COST 30 minute screen share assessment in which I will show you $50,000-$500,000 in savings SPECIFIC to YOUR facility!