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9 Simple Ways Your Medical/Surgical Facility Can Reclaim Thousands of Dollars in Lost Savings. Part 4 of 9

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#4 Avoid Wasteful Medical Waste Contracts

Medical waste disposal companies are notorious for locking customers into 5-year contracts. These contracts pile on extra, unspecified fees and let the company unilaterally raise its rates by as much as 18% per year, even when you signed a contract for a specific price.

In these cases, the fine print in the contract lets the company raise prices at any time, for any reason. If the vendor can do that, what’s the sense in even having a contract? The best way to deal with this is to point out this harmful clause and ask the company to remove it — or you’ll take your business elsewhere. Quite often, the company will accommodate your request.

Example of savings: A Tennessee surgery center saved 53% ($17,800 per year) by negotiating a new contract with its existing medical waste vendor.

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