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9 Simple Ways Your Medical/Surgical Facility Can Reclaim Thousands of Dollars in Lost Savings. Part 3 of 9

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#9 Consolidate Vendors

Failure to consolidate vendors is a common example of a bad leak in ASC spending. Contracting with too many vendors means you have high administrative costs, extra shipping costs and an increased overall hassle. In addition, many vendors are willing to reduce prices in exchange for an exclusive contract.

Most of your purchases can go through a few key vendors. Only a few supply items have to be purchased directly from the manufacturer. You can even get most — if not all — of your office and janitorial supplies from your primary medical distributor.

Example of savings: A North Carolina ASC reduced its number of medical supply vendors from 20 to 3. This cut administrative and shipping costs by several thousand dollars per year, not counting the volume discounts the 3 remaining vendors gave in return for increased volume.

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Barry Denny – CEO