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Cost Containtment Is Essential To The Survival Of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

hospital expenses can be reduced

With reimbursements decreasing, and cost increasing, cost containment is the only vialbe options for ambulatory surgery centers to remain profitable.

April 28, 2011 – PRLog — Expense Management Network (EMN) President Barry Denny, OPA-C, delivered “Good Care, Good Business” at the 2011 GI Roundtable Conference, held in Knoxville, Tennessee. Mr. Denny states, “Health Care Reform is demanding Ambulatory Surgery Centers examine how every dollar is spent. Expenses are increasing each year and reimbursements decrease. Therefore, cost-containment is essential.” His well attended conference session provided evidence of cost-containment measures that may be made in essential operating areas such as: medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, medical gases, medical waste disposal and linen. Mr. Denny continued, “With health care reform, ambulatory surgery centers will be evaluated for reimbursement by quality of service and their operating costs. Our commitment is to reduce operating costs so the medical staff can continue their focus on quality care.”
EMN is an innovative leader in expense management for ambulatory surgery centers. For more information about health care cost reduction or to speak with Mr. Denny, please call 335.992.9090. Barry Denny is Founder and President of EMN, His unique medical background and extensive medical purchasing experience provide him the skills to find creative and innovative ways to reduce medical facility expenses. For more information on healthcare cost reductions visit

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