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Expense Management Network Guarantees $10,000 in Cost Reductions to Health Care Facilities

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GREENSBORO, NC — (Marketwire) — 08/12/09 — Expense Management Network (EMN) President Barry Denny, OPA-C, announces today that EMN will pay health care facilities $10,000 if his cost management firm is unable to produce $10,000 in gross expense recommendations to health care facilities. This bold guarantee was made by Denny, based on EMN’s 100% track record of reducing expenses for health care facilities. Mr. Denny states, “This isn’t marketing hype, this is how we do business and seek to serve our clients.” Mr. Denny added that certain conditions, which are part of a standard Consultant Services Agreement, will apply.

Expense Management Network is an innovative leader in expense management for health care facilities. For more information about health care cost reduction or to speak with Mr. Denny, please call 335.992.9090. Barry Denny is Founder and President of Expense Management Network, Inc. The company’s mission is to reduce the operating expenses for medical facilities locally and throughout the United States. His unique medical background and extensive medical purchasing experience provide him the skills to find creative and innovative ways to reduce medical facility expenses. For more information on health care cost reductions

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